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Capri Leggings

Capri leggings are called the best of both worlds. Neither are they too revealing like shorts nor too stuffy like full pants. Sometimes all we want is to have a middle ground between the two, which is exactly what Capri leggings are.

Capri leggings have a lot of uses, but not so much variety in style. What makes Capri a Capri isn’t its material or purpose, but its style. Capri leggings unlike Cropped leggings extend to somewhere between your knee and mid-calf, however, cropped leggings just fall a couple of inches short of your ankle.

Types of Capri Leggings

There are several types and features that should be considered before buying Capri leggings.

Yoga Capri leggings

They are made of comfortable and moisture managing material and are great for yoga. They also have an adjustable drawstring. Such leggings are useful for any kind of activity.

Columbia Ridge leggings

This type of leggings boasts a sleek design, breathability, moisture-wicking, and UV protection. They can be worn when on sporty excursions such as hiking, mountaineering, etc.

Pedal Pusher leggings

These leggings are made of polyester or spandex and are very stretchy. They provide great movement, which is exceptionally appreciated when cycling.

Cargo Capris

These leggings provide a loose fit with a number of combat-style pockets to store items. They are made of comfortable material and come in several colors.

3/4 Jogger leggings

These drawstring-equipped leggings are great for people who desire a custom fit, made of elastane, cotton, and spandex; they are perfect for a jog around the house, hardcore workout, relaxed lounging and what not! They also contain front and back pockets for convenience.


Capri pants should follow the line of your leg and fit snuggly to fulfill their purpose. They can be worn under short dresses, t-shirts, long shirts, tank tops, literally anything if you are feeling like it. You may need to tuck in whatever top you opt for to get a slimmer look.


Capri pants have both high and low waist. If you choose to wear a high waist make sure your top ends a little above your waist to compliment your figure.


Capri Leggings can be found in any design and print; they are either striped, feature polka dots, or support a plaid print. Capri leggings are an accessory item and range from opaque to sheer.

Fabric and Comfort

Capri leggings are usually very comfortable to wear if made of the right material. Thus always look at the fabric before you buy. An Ideal combination must have any two of these: Cotton, bamboo, spandex, polyester, and elastane, etc. This makes the material stretchy but not too hydrophilic that it retains water and gets a bad odor.

Make sure your Capri contains mesh paneling, pockets (if needed) cuff drawstrings, and other features according to your need before you buy them. If you are interested in buying Capri leggings visit our store now!