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Cotton Leggings

Leggings are a must part of every woman’s wardrobe. Most people tend to make ignorant purchases by not considering the materials which make their article. This is a very careless thing to do because a lot of your leggings’ functionality depends upon their fabric.

Cotton leggings are by far the most comfortable leggings to be donned, the material is very soft and neither are they too tight. Cotton leggings are best when worn at home. They are soft, durable, can absorb sweat, and are breathable.

Waist and Length

Cotton leggings have several features like butt support, maternity support, push-up, and waist thinning, etc. to make them accessible to a wider audience. They are also available in the standard crop and 7/8 fit. They have a high waist, low waist, medium waist, wide waist, plank-proof waist.

Waist thinning leggings are high-waisted and usually double-layered to push back the stomach. Maternity cotton leggings are slightly high priced but are more comfortable with premium blends to suit a woman’s needs. They are also easier to pull on and off. Maternity cotton leggings have usually low waists but high waists with thin stretchable support are available too. Plus-sized ladies can also easily find cotton leggings.

Fabric and Functionality

It is better for cotton leggings to contain a blend of spandex, rayon, polyester, etc. to make them more stretch and elastic. Most of the time, cotton leggings are made 50 percent from cotton and the rest of the materials are composites, however, you can also find leggings of higher cotton percentage. The significance of this composition is to make it stretchable and comfortable to wear while not sacrificing its breathability.

Cotton leggings are usually comfortable to wear, but they are hydrophilic and sustain up to percent of water, this makes them unsuitable to wear for workouts or exercise. As said before, cotton leggings are perfect for a relaxed fit, but if you sweat or they somehow get wet, it can be a very uncomfortable experience as they retain water and it takes a lot of time for it to dry. Thus always be mindful of which material you are buying.


These days you can find cotton leggings to be equipped with all sorts of accessories; drawstrings? Zippers? Pockets? All there! This makes wearing a more comfortable experience. You can tighten or loosen your leggings as per your choice. Pockets can be used to carry around your phone, iPod, keys, or wallet.

If you are looking for a perfect comfort fit purchase our latest cotton leggings for a wonderful experience.