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Workout Leggings

Working out has a lot of positive impacts on the body; it builds your stamina, increases metabolism, and improves heart health among many others. But despite all this, it can still be an arduous task to get up from the couch and exercise. Thus, it’s imperative that you buy a good pair of workout leggings because stuffy, hydrophilic ones help no one.

There are several things you need to acknowledge before buying any workout leggings, this will not only improve your workout experience it will also save you your time and money:


Workout leggings are also known as pantyhose have two types of waists: High waist and low waist. Although a high waist is considered the ideal choice, since it provides extra support during workouts and keeps loose fat firmly packed, moreover high waist leggings are less likely to roll down during exercise, which can be a very distracting thing to occur and might make you feel unflattering. Although, low waists are preferred for running/ cardio as they don’t interfere with your breathing.

When buying workout leggings always try them on beforehand and perform a few squats to ascertain their quality, if the waist rolls down that means it’s too big, but if the seams dig in hour size it means they are too short, always buy the right size for the best experience.

Length and Fit

Workout leggings have two lengths: Full length and mid-calf. Neither is better than the other, but both have certain qualities that may appeal to different groups. For example, people living in cold regions usually prefer full-length leggings and vice versa, moreover, mid-calf is a lot more comfortable for short people, taller people have complained about it bunching behind the knees.

Always make sure leggings fit you snugly and aren’t loose or long because the fabric will naturally stretch a little after a while.


Always buy leggings considering their breathability factor. Workouts like hot yoga make you sweat a lot so it’s extremely important to buy a legging that isn’t hydrophilic as it might retain water giving you an overall sweaty look. Moisture-wicking is one of the most important qualities of your leggings.

Moreover, it is also suggested that dark colors be preferred over bright colorful ones as the former is less likely to show sweat stains on your leggings after a workout. Keep an eye out on mesh panels in case you wish for efficient moisture management.

Always check the stretchiness of your leggings before you buy them. Is it stretchy enough for me? Think over your needs and buy the legging you deem comfortable.

Activity-orientated Features

If you prefer to run, buy leggings with pockets so that you may carry or store small items. Similarly, drawstrings are very good for running as they can be tightened to maintain a good waist grip. However, these features can be bothersome if you have to perform belly exercises, so be mindful of that before you buy any type of leggings.


Different fabrics have different usages, so they should be bought considering each and every factor. Some of the most popular fabrics include; Polyester (can be worn in any weather for any type of workout, it can easily catch an odor and needs quick regular washing), Nylon (can be worn in any condition and has amazing sweat-wicking qualities), Bamboo (it is usually blended with other materials, it’s odorless, sweat-wicking and temperature regulating) and Gore-Tex (it usually used in cold/ windy weather. It’s wind and water-resistant but still breathable, it repels water but permits sweat to vaporize).

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