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Yoga Leggings

Women all around the world are united in their efforts to achieve mental peace and maintain their stamina. While some women hit the gym hard, most prefer light yoga-based exercises to keep them in shape. First made as a staple for yoga-crazed women, these leggings are used for a wide range of purposes. They are athletic and stylish and can be worn in the gym and on street.

Waist Types:

Yoga leggings can be easily recognized by the thick material around the waist. Yoga pants accommodate several waist types, such as High waistband which is also known as ‘tummy control waistbands’ as it pushes the extra layers back to flatten the stomach, Mid-size waistband provide seat coverage without extending support to the waist, and finally, we have Low waistband leggings that are suitable for pregnant women with bulging bellies, stomach skin during pregnancy is very sensitive and prone to breakage, thus any other waistband might cause bruising or skin to break.

Length Type and Fit:

You’ll find several lengths for yoga leggings in the market. They are either 7/8 (have form-fitted shape and extend to the skin just above the ankle), Capri or cropped leggings are much shorter and extend only till mid-calf, along with ¾ lengths and plus sizes. Each type of legging serves its own purpose thus you should choose the rise according to your own needs and comfort. Comfort is another important factor that can’t be overlooked, one size does not fit all and neither do all women wish to done tight or skinny fit leggings. For example, practitioners of Kundalini yoga prefer a looser fit.

Movement and Comfort:

Yoga requires all kinds of bending, twisting, and stretching, thus, always make sure, that apart from fitting snugly, your leggings do not restrict any movement. If your leggings are too tight, do not wear them, it’ll make your overall experience a needlessly uncomfortable one, while also being a hazard to your health. Tight leggings may cause a Yeast infection, Intertrigo which is a type of skin irritation, and Tinea curious or jock itch due to moisture buildup. Naturally, yoga makes the body sweat, so get leggings that are breathable and moisture-wicking.

Designs and Features:

Yoga leggings, just like workout leggings, also possess certain features which make them a must-have item; compression lends support to the joints, increases blood flow to the legs, and helps in relaxing strained muscles. New products in the market have a wide array of details, like; concealed pockets, zippers, or drawstrings.  Not all these details 100 percent beneficial, extra fabric for waist support or drawstring accessory may get in way of exercising comfortably when folding over or lying belly down.


Always look at what your leggings are made of. Fabric is the key to the best yoga experience. If you wear poor quality fabrics they’d sag and cause irritation, usually, bad quality fabrics start to stink in no time. The best fabric materials include viscose or rayon (a derivative of bamboo) which has temperature regulating properties that keep your body cool and dry. Other materials include Cotton, Tencel Lyocell (a modern invention) with a blend of nylon, spandex, polyester, etc.

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